Ipsos Healthcare Medtech

Cutting-edge insights for marketers of medical devices & technology

What are the current unmet needs in devices, technology and diagnostics…? What is the optimal pricing for your new product…? How is your brand faring in the marketplace…?

Ipsos Healthcare’s dedicated global team of medical technology specialists can answer the key questions that inform your decision-making. We don’t seek to provide a particular research solution, we focus on solving your business issues.

Why Ipsos Healthcare Medtech?

  • Industry expertise: medical devices; medical imaging; patient monitoring; clinical diagnostics; drug delivery; wound care; cardiovascular implants & stents; hospital supplies; IT-enabled services
  • Research expertise: qualitative and quantitative research approaches; KOL research; payer research, commercial strategy & forecasting; human factors research
  • Global reach: medical device experts across US, EU & Asia Pacific; extensive global research experience; specific expertise in emerging markets

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