Commercial Strategy & Forecasting

Get clarity…

Making informed investment decisions is a critical part of pharmaceutical product development and marketing strategies…

Ipsos Healthcare’s global team specializes in pharmaceutical and biotechnology forecasting, ensuring you get the clarity you need to inform your decision-making…

Expertise across the life cycle

  • Phase I: market opportunity assessment; clinical development prioritization
  • Phase II: small scale; preliminary compound valuation with r-NPV
  • Phase III: robust launch uptake projections with monthly tracking benchmarks
  • Life Cycle Management: incremental value of additional indications; competitive threat assessment (branded, generic or biosimilar entries); source of business / cannibalization estimates; patent expiry sales erosion

Why Ipsos Healthcare?

  • Transparent projection methodology in which all uptake assumptions can be tracked and validated throughout the launch
  • Dynamic models for scenario planning and easy updating
  • Customized approach to fit each phase of clinical development and life cycle management
  • Robust normative databases

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