Ipsos Business Consulting

Welcome to Ipsos Business Consulting

We are the market intelligence and strategy consulting division of Ipsos. Your growth is our goal as we provide fact-based analysis to assist you to enter, evolve and expand in emerging and developed markets.

Who we are?

Our diverse backgrounds cover research, marketing, strategic planning and management consulting, but we all share the belief that good decision making is evidence-based and strategic. Ipsos Business Consulting is over 100 consultants in 18 offices around the globe. In Australia we specialise in analysing markets, building fact-based business cases and helping our clients to maximise growth opportunities.

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What is our consulting approach?

We are information specialists. Our role is cutting down complexity to help you get the facts you need. Ipsos Business Consulting is the strategic business unit that assists Ipsos’ clients globally to enter, evolve and expand in emerging and developed markets through fact-based market analysis. Ipsos is unique amongst the global market research agencies in offering an integrated business intelligence & strategy consulting division.

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What are our practice areas?

We customise each project and focus on your individual business questions. Our expertise is organised into three areas which draw on global groups of experts and best practices: market analysis, competitive strategy & growth strategy. With our long experience in the growth strategy space, we have developed our proven Path to Growth approach and offer methodologies and expertise for all stages of a company’s growth.

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