Our Approach – Tracking

How healthy is your brand? How is your advertising helping to build your brand? What is your return on advertising investment? Which media and creatives solutions work best for your brand?

Measuring Brand Equity

Develop strategies that drive both short-term gain and long-term growth.

Equity*Builder is a validated tool to help you understand what drives consumers to your brandversus your competitors’ brands, pinpointing vulnerabilities and highlighting opportunities.

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Integrated Media Campaigns

Understand the strengths and weaknesses of your entire campaign.

BrandGraph*360 tracks the in-market reachimpact, and cost effectiveness of all of the communications used in an integrated marketing campaign.  It links both both individual touchpoints, as well as combinations to the marketing objectives they were intended to drive.

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Optimising Media Planning

Maximise your media plan

Ipsos ASI’s MediaPlanner*360 will help you to optimise media spend and maximise the consumer’s exposure to identified touchpoints. You are able to map out the combination of touchpoints most likely to get you the results you seek.

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What our clients are saying:

“Our team is always on top of our tracker, knowing the ins and outs of it, as well as understanding what analysis to run in order to help us get the information we need to drive our business. They actually think about the data they have, mine it appropriately and present results in a simple, conclusive manner. Knowing we can trust them to do this every time and that we will receive great reports, always takes the pressure off.”