Our Approach – Pre Testing

Only a third of ads work! Using insights derived from our wide range of research techniques, you can be sure yours will be one of that third…

Strategic Development

We have a big idea to help uncover yours

Ipsos ASI’s Big*Idea is a tool that combines insights from both quantitative and qualitative research. It can be used to quickly and reliably assess the potential of your ideas to engage and connectwith consumers and their campaignability.

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Creative Optimisation

Screen your advert in a day

Ipsos ASI’s Next Ad*Lab is a flexible, early-stage quantitative/qualitative tool designed tooptimise your ad creative by quickly identifying and diagnosing what is and isn’t working with your advertising.

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Predicting Performance in Market

Test multimedia campaigns to understand each channel’s contribution
Next*Connect showcases ads and other communications as they are actually experienced.Connect with consumers to learn how strong an effect an ad or campaign is generating and whether it changes brand preference and leaves a lasting impact.

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What our clients are saying

“The IPSOS ASI team were able to deliver to multiple research objectives through… a very structured research approach. Their ability to understand the commercial actions required from the research and adapt the quant & qual to facilitate this was fantastic and as always, within a very tight timeframe.”