Measuring Emotions

Feelings are the greatest predictor of behaviour. How are people responding to your ads and brands?

Why do we measure emotion?

Emotions are everything. We do not make rational decisions without emotions and emotional associations.

What do you feel? (Emoti*Scape)

Ipsos ASI’s Emoti*Scapeuses forty identifiable emotions to gain insight into a persons feelings about an ad, brand or even a piece of music.

When do you feel it? (Emoti*Trace)

Ipsos ASI’s Emoti*Trace is an electronic measure of a respondent’s involvement in, and reaction to, an advertisement at every second during the ad. The trace can gauge both the negative andpositive emotional reactions.

How intensely do you feel? (CEP®)

CEP® measures an ad’s cognitive and emotive power. CEP® describes how intensely consumers are connecting with the ad – emotionallyrationally, both or neither.

What our clients are saying

“High calibre of account managers, professional manner, good crisis management & constant communication as needed.”

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