Digital ads are a great way to engage consumers. Make the most of your digital and social investment

Why test digital communications?

Given the investment, many may feel that testing digital communications is not necessary. But given its potential to engage consumers, and to start a two-way conversation with your brand, we feel that testing your digital assets is good business.

How we test digital communication

We test digital communications in as natural a situation as possible. The test ads are placed within websites with competing content and they are experienced as they would normally be experienced, including giving the users the ability to click through to a landing page. To determine if the ad made an impression (even if the viewer did not click on it) we also embed the test digital ads within a media environment filled with several different types of communication.

What our clients are saying

“Great communication and response to questions. Accommodated all delays and extra requests and delivered everything in a timely and professional manner.”

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