Biometrics & Eye Tracking

People are not good at verbalising their feelings and responses. Our new biometrics analysis helps us tap into these emotional responses

Why Biometrics?

Biometrics allows brands to understand consumers’ non-conscious reactions and emotions.

The power of advertising creative is the most important driver of advertising success – through biometrics, we know that this is a power that can be felt.

Ipsos ASI Biometrics Kiosk

Understand the intensity of the emotional response amongst your target audience to your advertising.

Using a “pop-up” facility in an offline central location, we can measure the responses amongst a sample matching a broad target audience. These are then combined to produce your Biometric Trace and help you understand whether and how your ad is generating emotional engagement.

Eye Tracking

See what consumers are seeing

Using Tobii eye tracking software Ipsos can measure not only emotional engagement, but thevisual attention given to an ad or campaign both in-home and outdoors.

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