Ipsos: The trouble with research surveys – and why they won’t die

We still rely on surveys to tell us how many people are reading newspapers and magazines. The Ipsos emma survey, for example, quizzes around … [Read more...]

Directors’ confidence in Federal Government slumps

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Social Creatives: New Digital Friends & Influencers

29 October 2014: emma’s newly-identified segment of the population, ‘Social Creatives’, are active on social media and are the most … [Read more...]

Hard to predict, us humans

Download the PDF When Microsoft and Ipsos set out to gain some fresh insights into Australians use of personal technology, we figured we … [Read more...]

Ipsos MediaCT Launches PLSme!

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Business Elite 2014

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Community Online Panels

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emma™ Independently Audited

The Readership Works today announced that emma™ (Enhanced Media Metrics Australia), the new cross platform audience insights survey, has … [Read more...]

Ipsos and The Readership Works to Host Research Symposia Ahead of emma™ Launch

Ipsos MediaCT, in conjunction with The Readership Works, will host two Research Symposia in Sydney and Melbourne to introduce emma™ … [Read more...]

Ipsos Launches Industry Training Program for emma™

Ipsos MediaCT, in conjunction with The Readership Works, will this week launch a comprehensive industry education and training program in … [Read more...]