Ipsos UU – extremely happy with quality of work

RWWA has worked with Ipsos for the last two years and is extremely happy with both the quality of the work and the account service that … [Read more...]

Ipsos UU – extremely valuable

Ipsos have been extremely valuable in assisting us in gathering crucial research for our ongoing work. They have provided excellent … [Read more...]

Ipsos UU – very professional and easy

Perth Zoo has been working with Ipsos (formerly Synovate) for many years to produce our annual market research. We find working with the … [Read more...]

Ipsos Public Affairs – showed a lot of enthusiasm

The project officers displayed an exceptional knowledge of the bowel screening program. The Program is quite complex in how it operates so … [Read more...]

Ipsos Public Affairs – above and beyond

The team went above and beyond to deliver sophisticated and nuanced research on a complex issue, and in an extremely tight time frame. … [Read more...]

Ipsos Public Affairs – professionalism outstanding

Ipsos have been excellent at meeting a very demanding schedule. The professionalism of Hannah and Stuart has been outstanding. … [Read more...]

Ipsos ASI – understand the commerical actions

The IPSOS ASI team were able to deliver to multiple research objectives though the source of a very structured research approach. Their … [Read more...]

Ipsos ASI – Excellent client service

Very thorough reporting and analysis. Excellent client service … [Read more...]

Ipsos ASI – answer key business issues

Partnership to prepare the report to answer key business issues. The connection of the data points that turned information into action. … [Read more...]

Ipsos ASI – Very personable team

Very personable team great presentation and very user friendly for the ad agency. … [Read more...]