An update from the Road Safety Portfolio

The Ipsos Social Research Institute’s Road Safety unit specialises in providing data and insight into current and future issues in road safety, to inform our clients’ strategy objectives and bring about improved road safety outcomes.

As a result of considerable effort being made to reduce deaths and injuries from motor vehicle accidents, the number of road accident fatalities in Australia has declined dramatically over the last four decades. This is despite population growth and increased motor vehicle use. Motorcyclists, however, continue to be overrepresented in crash statistics. Motorcycling continues to increase in popularity, and the challenge of improving rider safety is among the top priorities on the current road safety agenda.

The road safety team at Ipsos Social Research Institute are conducting a number of studies involving motorcyclists, including research for the NSW Centre for Road Safety. This research aims to provide a deeper understanding of the factors that contribute to motorcycle crashes. We surveyed almost 2,000 motorcycle riders and passengers to explore knowledge, attitudes and self-reported behaviours of NSW motorcyclists. Almost a thousand drivers were also surveyed, so that their attitudes towards motorcycle safety could also be investigated.

Our Road Safety team has extensive experience of researching road user attitudes and behaviours, as well as a keen interest in this specialised area. We work with a range of local, state and federal Government clients, automobile associations and insurance companies. Our experience spans research relating to driver impairment, road user injury and recovery, driver and motorcyclist personality and behaviours, employment related road safety, vulnerable road users, program evaluation, and communications campaign development, testing and evaluation.

Our dedicated researchers are committed to making an ongoing, positive contribution to the development of road safety strategies and evidence-based policies.

The Road Safety unit operates out of our Sydney, Melbourne and Perth offices.

Hannah Race
Research Manager