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Socialogue – You know what they say about the early bird . . .

Only four in ten (36%) in Australia would rather wait for something to catch on before they try it While the warp speed of technological … [Read more...]

Australians More Positive About Economic Issues

Australians are more positive about our economy following the Federal election, with an increase in optimism, according to the latest Ipsos … [Read more...]

Socialogue – You get what you pay for!

Quality appears more important than price to 40% in Australia. Author Robert C. Gallagher quipped, “Change is inevitable, except from a … [Read more...]

Australians Blame Syrian Government For Conflict

The majority of global citizens blame the Syrian Government for the conflict in that country, however few have clarity on who is responsible … [Read more...]

Socialogue – Time is money . . .  and it’s worth it!

Time is money . . .  and it’s worth it! 90% of Australians would rather search for a  good deal over a  quick purchase There are … [Read more...]

Socialogue – Social priorities

30% of Australians cite social media as very or somewhat important to them. If Mahatma Gandhi was right that “Action expresses … [Read more...]

Socialogue – What did you say? I didn’t hear you

33% of Australians say things in text or email they would not say voice-to-voice or person-to-person “I love you.” “Our relationship is … [Read more...]