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Australian Companies Failing on Customer Service

Australians are not satisfied with the service we receive, with only one fifth of us ‘very satisfied’ with the service we receive from our … [Read more...]

Socialogue – See me. See my kids. See my dog. See this sunset . . .

41% in Australia have shared pictures on social media sites in the past month They say “a picture is worth a thousand words” and global … [Read more...]

Socialogue – Red light, green light, lots of texting still in sight!

Two in ten (20%) Australian drivers admit to using portable devices while in the driver’s seat Two in ten (20%) drivers in Australia … [Read more...]

Ipsos ASI People’s Choice Awards August 2013

Check out the latest Ipsos ASI People’s Choice Awards, published in B&T this month: Localising Global Stone the flamin’ crows! … [Read more...]

Majority of Australian Internet Users “Share” on Social Media Sites

Six in ten (63%) online consumers in Australia indicated that in the past month they have shared some type of content on social media sites. … [Read more...]

Sydney In The Top Five Best Cities In The World To Live In And Visit

Sydney ranks in the top five best cities to live in and to visit, the largest ever global survey of its kind by Ipsos Global @dvisor has … [Read more...]

Socialogue – Who’s the smartest of them all?

In Australia, 5% of those who share on social media sites do so to show they are in the know. Of the people who share information on … [Read more...]

Ipsos Marketing thought leadership articles in Marketing Magazine

Ipsos Marketing thought leadership articles in Marketing Magazine: Brand Research – Moving from ‘brand centricity’ to ‘people … [Read more...]


How to Identify Great Ideas before Your Competitors Innovation Research Advice for Marketers of Financial Services, Durables, Technology, … [Read more...]