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Socialogue – Touting or doubting, we click forward

Online consumers link monthly to brand or product articles (21%), Websites(21%) or videos (12%) Information flies when users forward … [Read more...]

Socialogue – Shares That Require No Financial Investment

63% of Australian internet users share social media content monthly. The familiar parental admonishment, "C'mon kids, you have to learn … [Read more...]

Ipsos Issues Monitor: Healthcare and Hospitals Top Issue Facing Australians

With less than two weeks to go before the Federal election, Australians are still most likely to cite ‘healthcare’ as the top issue facing … [Read more...]

The latest Mind & Mood Report: Life in two Australias

The latest Mind and Mood Report - Life in two Australias – brings you a qualitative exploration of the contrast between city and regional … [Read more...]

Issues Monitor August 2013

While Australians continue to cite ‘Healthcare’ as the single biggest issue facing the nation, its distinction as the clear front runner has … [Read more...]

Ipsos welcomes emma™

Ipsos MediaCT has welcomed the launch of emma™ (Enhanced Media Metrics Australia), hailing it as creating a new global benchmark in cross … [Read more...]

emma™ Independently Audited

The Readership Works today announced that emma™ (Enhanced Media Metrics Australia), the new cross platform audience insights survey, has … [Read more...]

Socialogue – Eyes on the prize

44% in Australia entered brand or product-hosted contests or sweeps The lure of a prize – big or small – has engaged 44% of online users … [Read more...]

Socialogue – Pure mADness

Television ads and the internet rank 1st and 2nd for places consumers in Australia get new brand and product information. If there is a … [Read more...]