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The top issues facing Victoria – January to March 2013

Download the infographic … [Read more...]

Socialogue – Are your online shares rising?

Are your online “shares” rising? Keep investing! Nearly one in three people in Australia share content online.   As children, we were … [Read more...]

Socialogue – In my opinion what you said is…

In my opinion, what you said is . . . 44% of those in Australia comment on what others have written or posted online   On social media … [Read more...]

Socialogue – So, how do you like it?

So, how do you like that? 46% of those in Australia “like” or share online content that interests us   Clearly, there’s  lot of digital … [Read more...]

Ipsos Launches the new Issues Monitor Infographic Series

We recognise how important it is to communicate quantitative research findings in a clear and concise manner, with an emphasis on the most … [Read more...]

Socialogue – Ever feel like you’re being followed?

Ever feel like you’re being followed? That can be a very good thing. 31% in Australia favor brands with which they engage   Brands that … [Read more...]

Socialogue – The A-List

The A-list: How to keep online followers in Australia connected B aware and C results.   ABCs aside, several actions have been identified … [Read more...]