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Ipsos is an innovative, entrepreneurial, client-focused organisation, providing research services to clients on a global basis. We set ourselves high standards and aim to work collaboratively in partnership with our teams in order to service our clients most effectively.

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One third of Australians believe residential and industrial growth puts clean water at risk

Almost half of the Australian population (47%) say they are confident that wastewater does not pose a threat to their clean water supply, only one third (34%) believe this globally, according to a new Ipsos Global Advisor study to coincide with World Water Day today.

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The Latest Fairfax Ipsos Poll

Labor benefits from lacklustre Turnbull government

The Labor Party is ahead of the Coalition in the March Fairfax Ipsos Poll, released today, while Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s approval rating fell to its lowest level since becoming PM.

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infobite – Abortion

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